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Designing the best backyard kitchens

by Realty Vision 07/01/2024

When it comes to outdoor remodeling, backyard kitchens are always high on homeowner wish lists. Having a place to cook and eat in your backyard, whether alone or with company, is a great opportunity to spend more time outdoors. 

No matter what time of year or type of cooking you plan to do, consider some of these tips when considering designing the perfect outdoor kitchen space:

Think about how you'll use your outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchens provide plenty of choices for layout, style and features. Because they are usually used as a secondary kitchen, you have more opportunities to be creative. You have the choice of simplicity or complexity depending on your intended usage. Whatever you add to your outdoor kitchen setup will help inspire entertainment and meals in your outdoor space.

Incorporate texture for a stylish aesthetic

It’s common for outdoor kitchen facades to have textured surfaces, such as brick or wood. For a more modern and polished aesthetic, go for a concrete finish and sleek, modular cabinets for modern design and functionality. 

Some experts recommend drawing inspiration from your outdoor surroundings when choosing textures and materials for your kitchen. For example, try matching wood stains with your existing patio, or using the same variety of stone in your garden.

L-shape counter design with a mini pizza oven

A gazebo offers a perfect outdoor cooking and entertaining experience. One great idea is to create an L-shaped kitchen under a gazebo including a barbecue, two burner stoves, a wood fired pizza oven and a refueling center. Attach some fold-up cutting boards for extra prep space, and have a built-in cooler for keeping beverages cold.

Choose weatherproof materials

A major aspect of designing an outdoor kitchen and dining area is choosing the right materials. The best materials will remain stable, waterproof and corrosion resistant. Concrete is a favorite option for building materials, as it’s durable and easy to clean. If you live in a wet climate, consider alternatives to wood that won’t sustain moisture damage.

Outdoor kitchen ideas vary in complexity and cost, but don’t let that overwhelm you. Keep these points in mind when planning your outdoor kitchen project and create the best possible backyard cooking experience.